Wagyu Social
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At Wagyu Social we want to help brands efficiently utilise social media to engage their audiences. We are an award-winning, forward thinking, social first team with an employment history with some of the world’s most ground breaking creative brands. We’re full service and flexible and have the solution to any of your social needs!

what we do…



Data and analytically driven, our creative team are brave and love to push boundaries. We are used to replying to a vast number of briefs weekly from all genres of brands and activations. We creatively always think social first and work closely with data and analytics to make relevant, effective, tailored work.


We offer our eyes on your pages daily, uploading and scheduling content and with our expertise making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively with organic growth being our aim. We boast the spearheads who helped turn both LADbible and UNILAD into social media global market leaders - so we know what we’re doing when it comes to managing pages!


Any level of social video production ranging from any tier of budget, we’re the guys for you! From bespoke memes, to sketches, to branded content, to documentaries, to straight up adverts we do it all. We boast an in-house director with over 1 billion views and many viral case studies that changed the market.


What ties everything together is a tailored social strategy - whether it be short term or long term. It tells you your mission and how to get there. Our detailed social strategies are our Bible, a high level plan of action to achieve your goals under conditions of uncertainty.